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Auto Collision Investigation


Background Information: Motor vehicle accidents occur in any part of the world every 60 seconds, resulting in approximately 5.25 million driving accidents per year. Our client was one of the unlucky individuals involved in an auto collision. The insured decided to consult the experts at Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation to help ESTABLISH WHY and how the accident happened.


Assigned Task: The assigned task was to specifically determine if it was possible for the plaintiff (Vehicle A) to have made a U-Turn and have impacted the insured’s vehicle (Vehicle B) causing the limited visible damage to his vehicle but resulting in the substantial damage to her own and other nearby vehicles thereafter. An expert from FAEC was promptly on the scene to investigate the situation.


Observations and Findings: After comparing the damage of the insured vehicle to the accident scene and photographically capturing numerous vehicles traversing through the subject intersection in all directions and manner of travel, we are able to establish with a high degree of certainty the following:


              1. The pattern of paint deposition upon the left front bumper of Vehicle B indicates

                  that paint was deposited in a transverse or lateral direction not at an angle as

                  would have been found if both vehicles were moving simultaneously. It is

                  apparent that Vehicle A was moving during the course of her turn thus Vehicle B

                  must have been stopped at the time of actual contact.

              2. The primary differences between the resulting actions of the two vehicles

                  immediately following the impact would have been their individual speeds at the

                  time of the impact, their direction of travel and individual masses. Factually, we

                  know that Vehicle A was smaller and lighter than Vehicle B. Based upon her own

                  statement, we know that Vehicle A was in the process of making a left turn,

                  either a U turn or a more common left turn.

              3. The specific cause of the damage to the third and fourth vehicles involved in this

                  incident was the loss of control by Vehicle A both prior to and following the

                  impact. It is quite evident that Vehicle A failed to properly execute a safe,

                 controlled and tight turn into the nearest open lane of travel.


Results of the Investigation: Forensic Analysis & Engineering was able to ESTABLISH WHY one vehicle sustained substantial damage and why our client’s vehicle had more minor damages. From FAEC’s detailed, comprehensive report and full-color pictures, our client was able to claim the appropriate damages.


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