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Construction Defects

Determination of Causation of Claimed Construction Defect


Background Information: People often discover construction defects from the cracks developing in their building. A residence in Texas had developed these substantial cracks and needed answers. The homeowner claimed heavy rains caused the multiple cracks to walls, ceiling and foundation but the claims examiner needed concrete, technically accurate answers. Forensic Analysis & Engineering is there to help by ESTABLISHING WHY these damages are occurring.


Assigned Task: The assigned task was to perform an engineering investigation and evaluation on the numerous cracks throughout the dwelling. FAEC experts were asked to investigate the cause of the damages to the one story Texas house. An FAEC consultant was promptly at the scene to begin the investigation.


Observations and Findings: Based upon the research and information identified during the course of our onsite investigation, Forensic Analysis & Engineering was able to determine the following:


              1. Based on observations made during the site inspection, there was no evidence or

                  expectation that heavy rains, flooding or any specific event caused the reported

                  damage to the foundation or to the porch.

              2. The cracks and separation observed to the porch and CMU block perimeter was

                  caused by differential settlement.

              3. The differential foundation movement at the subject property was attributed to

                  inadequate embedment of the foundation supporting the structure.  The

                  supporting blocks violated the 2003 International Residential Building Code and

                  other current building codes.


Results of the Investigation: Forensic Analysis & Engineering was able to determine the cause of the structural damage, ESTABLISHED WHY each of the damages occurred and whether or not it was attributed to the claimed weather causes. FAEC was able to determine it was a construction defect. From FAEC’s detailed, comprehensive report and full-color pictures, the claims examiner was supplied with technically accurate and court defendable answers to their case.


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