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Forensic Analysis & Engineering has handled thousands of cases in which fast response is crucial. Waiting to call us could ruin valuable evidence and end up costing you more in forensic evaluations. Please contact us immediately when damage, failure, or injury occurs. We are ready 24/7 to document the scene, quickly secure evidence, and provide a thorough assessment so that we can ESTABLISH WHY for our clients. Click here to learn more.

With nearly five decades of experience, Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation (Forensic Analysis & Engineering) has resolved thousands of cases involving personal injury, product defects, industrial safety, fire investigation, boating accidents, and many other puzzling issues. Contact us today to see how Forensic Analysis & Engineering might assist you with professional engineering and scientific investigations, expert witness testimony, or evidence storage. Click here to learn more.

Our team of professional engineers, qualified scientists, and specialized experts will work with you to resolve your case quickly, accurately and objectively. In fact, Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation has been ESTABLISHING WHY and solving technical puzzles for its diversified client base worldwide since 1966.


By utilizing forensic engineering-based solutions to solve real-life puzzles, Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation offers its clients answers to the toughest questions. From vehicular accident reconstruction to residential arson determination, Forensic Analysis & Engineering provides clear, defendable and court-approved analysis as to why an event occurred, and how to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

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