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Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation’s multidisciplinary team is comprised of specialized professional engineers, esteemed scientists, consulting experts, and technical support staff. We are ready to help you “Establish Why” ™ 24/7.


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Senior Technical Staff

Corporate Administrative Staff

  • Robert K. Kochan, ME, DABFET, FACFEI, CMI - President & CEO


    Mr. Kochan received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Catholic University of America, where he majored in Mechanical-Ocean Engineering. Diplomate and member of the founding board of the American College of Forensic Engineering and Technology, Mr. Kochan has over 30 years of professional mechanical equipment and system design, vehicular accident investigation, consumer product defect analysis, petrochemical process system design, and manufacturing system operational experience. He has been qualified as an engineering expert in District, State and Federal courts and specifically recognized as a specialist in mechanical system design, product defect analysis, vehicular accident reconstruction, forensic analysis procedures and marine vessel operational safety. Mr. Kochan enjoys spending weekends boating with his family.

  • William Forbes, PE, DEE - Senior Vice President of Engineering, Virginia


    Mr. Forbes has 30 years of experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and is particularly experienced in design management, including new facility site planning, sewage system design, environmental protection, and construction surveillance. He is a diplomat of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and has managed numerous facility planning, design, and building efforts in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. Additionally, he has managed projects in Italy, Puerto Rico, and Cuba for the U.S. Navy. A significant part of this experience has involved the determination of adequacy of existing facilities for existing or intended uses, compliance with codes, regulations and standards, and suitability for continued use. Mr. Forbes is also a Board Certified Engineer in Water Supply/Wastewater and performs forensic analysis of civil, structural, product defect, waterfront structure and environmental engineering failures.

  • Dick Kreimborg, PE, MBA - Vice President Engineering,
    North East Region

    Dick Kreimborg

    Mr. Kreimborg received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Kentucky. He earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Kreimborg has over 40 years of engineering experience including construction and project management of power plants projects, computer centers and commercial offices. He has experience in forensic engineering beginning in 1995, and has investigated assignments involving structural damage and collapse, foundation and geotechnical failures, commercial roofing defects and leakage and hail damage. Mr. Kreimborg has been qualified as an engineering expert in District, State and Federal courts. Mr. Kreimborg enjoys spending his spare time playing golf, tennis or bridge, and visiting entertainment venues in Washington, DC near his home.

  • Dana F. Shave, P.E. – Vice President of Engineering, Mid-Atlantic Region

    Dana Shave

    Dana F. Shave, P. E. is a Professional Engineer licensed in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, DC, Kentucky, W. Virginia and New York. He is also a Licensed General Contractor in North Carolina. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has more than 45 years of experience in high quality, highly engineered products and complex large-scale engineering services. During Mr. Shave’s career, he has been employed in various engineering, design and manufacturing organizations included aircraft, aerospace and the power industry where he has held positions in engineering and design, project engineering, project management, business development and senior executive (division management and general management) positions. A common thread within his employment has been his continuing involvement with high quality, highly specialized engineering products and services for critical service applications. In his spare time, he plays "attempted golf."

  • Christopher Graham, MS, PE, CFEI - Vice President of Engineering, Maryland

    Christopher Graham

    Mr. Graham is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 20 years of technical experience–electronics, electrical, software, safety, process plant operations, complex systems and maintenance, significant reverse engineering and technical intelligence gathering. Mr. Graham has worked in austere environments deployed as a scientist, weapons technical intelligence expert and IED exploitation engineer and advisor. Mr. Graham is experienced in site and structure inspection and capture of photographic evidence.

  • Kevin Pruemer, PE - Vice President of Engineering, Florida

    Kevin Pruemer

    Mr. Pruemer is an experienced leader and civil engineer with over 15 years of extensive design, project management, and construction experience in the fields of site development and infrastructure. He has successfully worked and permitted projects within various local, state, and federal jurisdictions including DOT, Army Corps of Engineers, and Water Management Districts. He is skilled in crafting technical proposals/reports and building trusted relationships with clients, government officials, vendors, and other design professionals. In his free time he enjoys basketball, tennis, golf, and fishing.

  • April Kochan - Corporate Operations Officer

    April Kochan

    April Kochan holds the responsibility for overseeing the overall operations of FAEC’s multi-state technical and administrative services.  As Chief Operating Officer, she oversees all Human Resources, financial, and office management activities within the firm’s growing enterprise.  A graduate of Louisiana State University and former financial portfolio and real estate manager, Mrs. Kochan’s talents for identifying issues and charting a path to a successful solution has served the firm, FAEC clients and trade vendors exceptionally well. April is a Master Gardener and proud mother of three adult children.  She also is a mom to her Labradoodle, Charlie, and a volunteer for the Garden Clubs of Virginia.

  • Meagan McBride - Corporate Operations Administrator

    Meagan manages and facilitates projects and operations within the company. Her work includes client relations, website development, and quality assurance for the firm. Prior to joining FAEC, Mrs. McBride worked as a Property Manager with Artcraft Management Inc. in the multi-family housing industry. Mrs. McBride is finishing her B.S. in Accounting at Old Dominion University.

  • Chandler Motley - Lab Manager and Evidence Coordinator

    Chandler is responsible for running our laboratory safely and efficiently. He is responsible for all aspects of the lab including correct use of lab equipment and keeping all lab materials and data securely and safely organized and maintained. Chandler attends Thomas Nelson for Mechanical Engineering and builds sets for the theatre program. Growing up in Boy Scouts as an Eagle, he came to enjoy camping and other wilderness activities, and frequently volunteers at Makemie Woods as a Waterfront Director.

  • Kate McCutchen - Corporate Media Strategist

    Kate McCutchen

    Kate McCutchen has been a part of the media world since she could first access a computer. She oversees social media coordination and digital media outreach for the company. Kate is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Poultry Science Technology and Feed Mill science. She also spends time with her golden retriever, Raleigh, enjoys sailing and plays softball when she is not volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or Comfort Zone Camp.

Expert Consultants

  • Captain Saleem Alavi, LLM, MSc - Principal Forensic Marine Investigator

    Saleem Alavi

    A seasoned professional with a 45 year track record spanning every aspect of the maritime sector including seafaring, ship owning and operating, drafting and implementation of regulations and policies, financial, technical and strategic planning. Uniquely capable in applying industry knowledge with foresight, which has been proven to increase revenue and return on investment while factoring in trends to position for future shifts within various industries. Coupled with broad management expertise in strategy, budgeting, staff recruitment, KPI measurement, governmental liaising, and industry networking.

  • Joshua B. Cook, PE - Principal Forensic Engineer

    Joshua Cook

    Joshua B. Cook, PE, has over ten years of experience in civil, construction, and structural engineering fields. These experience involves analysis and design of highway bridges, mast arms, signage and misc structures. His bridge design experience includes AASHTO/FIB beams and flat slab design He also has extensive experience with land development and civil engineering, where he was responsible for design and inspection of storm water drainage systems, retention ponds, potable and waste water systems, along with land development processes.

  • Michael P. Gordon, PE - Senior Materials & Processing Engineer

    Michael Gordon

    Mr. Gordon has over twenty years of work experience in the aerospace field working with his technical background from the materials and processes (M&P) arena within mechanical and aerospace engineering. Mr. Gordon has been delegated by the FAA under Order 8100.15 to perform approval of technical data & find compliance to airworthiness standards, preparation/approval/execution of test plans, development of program-specific certification plans, approval of operational and repair information, approval of airworthiness limitation information, establishment of conformity inspection requirements, performance of compliance inspections, and approval of data for major repairs for FAR 23 and CAR 3 aircraft. Additionally, Mr. Gordon has supported the Space Shuttle Program for 86 missions to include over 18 years in the thermal protection and structures area. Mr. Gordon studied at the Florida Institute of Technology where he earned his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1993 and MS degree in Aerospace Engineering and Material Science & Engineering in 2000. Mike lives in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife (Stacy) and three children (Adrianna, Brandon, and Patrick).

  • Thomas Grogan, CDE - Handwriting Specialist

    Thomas Grogan

    A graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy, Mr. Grogan is a certified forensic document examiner and internationally court qualified handwriting expert. Mr. Grogan has provided services to hundreds of clients ranging from private individuals and law firms to government and law enforcement agencies. Major clients have included Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Public Defenders Office, US Dept of Justice, US Navy, and Yank Barry (Global Village Marketing International). Thomas Grogan is the forensic handwriting expert for the CBS TV shows “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace” and “Swift Justice with Judge Jackie Glass,” and has been interviewed numerous media shows, including Oprah Winfreys’ OWN TV Network. Thomas Grogan’s professional associations include FBI Charlotte Citizens' Academy Alumni Association, FBI’s InfraGard North Carolina Chapter, North Carolina Association of Private Investigators, Carolina IT Professional Group, and NC4 CyberCop.

  • Tom Haines, PE - Principal Forensic Engineer

    Thomas G. Haines has over 30 years of experience as a civil and construction engineer. His civil engineering experience includes utility systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, storm water management, grading and hydrology, erosion and sedimentation control and road design for commercial, industrial and municipal facilities. His construction experience includes residential infrastructure construction and manufacturing and process construction. In addition, Mr. Haines has provided forensic engineering and analysis on over 80 property and casualty claims and surety claims.

  • Lyle D. Hogan, PE, RRC, RCI - Principal Roof Consultant

    Lyle Hogan

    Mr. Hogan is a registered engineer in five states, a registered Roof Consultant, a fellow of RCI, Senior Editor of Interface - the journal of the Roof Consultants Institute- and an ICC structural masonry inspector. Mr. Hogan has designed and administered roofing projects in half of the United States using a variety of systems. His technical articles have appeared in various publications, including Plant Engineering, Interface Journal, Western Roofing, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering and Architectural Specifier.

  • Wes Hutchinson, PE- Principal Forensic Engineer

    Bio coming soon.

  • Bob Jacobson - E.P.I.C. Digital Photographic Specialist

    Bob Jacobson

    Bob Jacobson is an EPIC Certified Evidence Photographer, holding the same forensic photography certification as many police investigators, crime lab photographers, fire investigators and federal agents. His videos and photographs are instrumental in determining the causation of the loss in civil and criminal litigation, construction defects, and environmental damages to name a few. Bob Jacobson has been designated as an expert witness for numerous depositions and trials. In Bob's spare time, he shares his knowledge of photography by teaching workshops to attorneys, government agencies and private firms.

  • Mark J. Keith, PE, MSECE - Senior Electronic & Electrical Engineer

    Mark Keith

    Mr. Keith is a Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in the state of North Carolina. He is a proud graduate of Penn State University receiving a BSEE and of North Carolina State University receiving his MSECE. He has over 30 years of experience spanning various Electronic and Electrical industries and products. His expertise are in the areas of Electrical and Electronic Hardware Design, Product Compliance, Patent Infringement, Failure Analysis, Surge Analysis, Fire Investigation and Telecom and Data Communications, Industrial Automation, and Controls, Embedded Processor Design, and High Speed Circuit Design in both analog and digital systems. He has investigated numerous cases for Attorneys, Insurance companies, Industry and Government. In addition, he is a founding member and board member of Liquid Software Desgins Inc. providing Practice Management and EMR software solutions to the eye care industry.

  • Dr. James V. Koch, Ph.D - Principal Economist

    James Koch

    Dr. Koch is a Board of Visitors Professor of Economics and President Emeritus at Old Dominion University. Holding multiple Ph.D's from Northwestern University, Yeungnam Univerisity, Toyo University, and Kyushu Institute of Technology. His specialities include industrial organization, pricing, and antitrust, microeconomic theory, economics of education and economics of e-commerce. Dr. Koch is an accomplished author with over a dozen books and nearly a hundred articles published. He has consulted with colleges and universities, law firms, large corporations, small businesses, and private individuals.

  • Dennis Kochan, BBC - Principal Flight Safety Specialist

    Dennis Kochan

    As a professionally qualified expert in the analysis and evaluation of aviation matters involving flight operations, pilot training and airframe maintenance, Mr. Kochan is a FAA qualified pilot, certified flight instructor and airframe & power plant mechanic with inspector authorization. Certified FAR Part 121 Air Carrier pilot and flight training Captain (retired). Captain in commercial, single and multi-engine land and sea, turbo-prop and turbojet powered aircraft. Additionally provides clients with pilot flight instruction and aircraft maintenance consultations and inspections.

  • Janeen Kochan, Ph.D. - Principal Aviation Operations Specialist

    Janeen Kochan

    Dr. Kochan is a recognized industry expert in the areas of aviation human factors, pilot safety training, flight hazard recognition and flight operation efficiency. Current Line Captain on Boeing-767 for major air freight transport carrier; Developed and maintained Human Factors and Crew Resource Management programs for major U.S. Air Carrier; Experienced in providing liaise and interface with the professional human factors community for clients and employers; Recognized human factors expertise in aviation safety and pilot evaluation techniques; Holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot airman certificate and Airframe and Powerplant Certificates.

  • Joseph Kusnir, PE - Senior Civil Engineer

    Joseph Kusnir

    Mr. Kusnir is a professional engineer registered in the state of Florida with nearly 13 years of engineering and construction experience with an emphasis in site-civil, residential development and government facilities, surface-water management, potable water, and wastewater. His design experience includes surface water system analysis and design, improvements to potable water systems, sanitary sewer gravity systems and pump stations, major wastewater treatment facility upgrades and site-civil design of facilities such as solid waste, schools, hospitals and parks. His failure analysis expertise includes both residential and commercial structure defect analyses ranging from foundation failures, floor sinkings, wall crack causations, sub-soil geo-technical evaluations and building structural integrity concerns.

  • Christopher D. Ling AIA, NCARB, PP, LEEDap - Principal Forensic Architect

    Christopher Ling

    Christopher D. Ling, a Registered Architect and Professional Planner, has 26 years of experience in the design and construction industry. Mr. Ling has analyzed all aspects of construction projects to support clients in resolving disputes and litigation. His knowledge, experience and thorough analysis have been very effective in resolving construction disputes before litigation. He has the ability to explain complex design and construction issues in a simple and clear manner as an expert witness and has testified in deposition, mediation, arbitration and Court.

  • Gene Litwin - Principal Safety Engineer

    Gene Litwin

    Celebrating 35 years of Safety Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony, Gene Litwin has developed and perfected a deliberate, step-by-step, orderly, approach to analyzing the safety of a product or work procedure.  His Engineering Safety Analysis format and his unique educational background and work experience have given him a competitive edge against his peers. He has testified as an expert in most states, by deposition in over two hundred cases and at in trial well over 100 cases. Mr. Litwin has published in the area of powered doors & gates, and has worked with the states of Minnesota and California regarding their state standards for residential overhead doors. He has also published, given talks and performed research and testing on aquatic accidents. Mr. Litwin has served as an expert in slip and fall accidents, and researched the safety of handicap curb cuts for the City of Chicago. Other work includes empirical testing and anthropometric research on machine guarding. Mr. Litwin has served on the ANSI Scaffolding, ANSI Ladder and ANSI Bakery Machinery Code Committees.

  • Andres Lopera, PE - Senior Forensic Structural Engineer

    Mr. Lopera earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and is pursuing a Master's in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. He is a licensed professional engineer and brings over eleven years of experience as a structural engineer for hundreds of projects including churches, office buildings, amenity centers, multi-family buildings and custom ocean-front homes. Mr. Lopera is fluent in Spanish.

  • John Lytton - Senior Digital Imaging Specialist

    John Lytton

    Mr. Lytton is a specialist in forensic photographic detailing and image enhancement. With over 31 years of experience in photographic imaging & analysis, design engineering, finite element and system failure determination, he consults on matters involving forensic photographic reconstruction, image enhancement, and presentation.

  • Craig Moskowitz, MBA, MS, PE - Senior Civil Engineer

    Craig Moskowitz

    Mr. Moskowitz is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Connecticut. With over 17 years of engineering experience, Mr. Moskowitz brings a level of professionalism and engineering knowledge that is a great asset to FAEC. He recieved his Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine in 1995. Mr. Moskowitz subsequently also earned a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Bridgeport and a Master's in Construction Administration from Columbia University. He specializes in roofing systems, retaining walls, structural framing, foundation systems, building collapse, trip & fall, mold remediation, accident reconstruction, warranty issues and storm event damage. Mr. Moskowitz also teaches Professional Engineering Continuing Education for PDH Online, PERC, Inc., and Marzzo Engineering and Half-Moon Seminars.

  • Capt. Stephen Motyczka, BACJ, PI, CMI - Vessel & Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist

    Steve Motyczka

    Mr. Motyczka is a highly qualified accident investigator, reconstructionist and investigator with more than 12 years of experience devoted exclusively to vessel and vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction. A United States Coast Guard Licensed Mariner specializing in plasure vesssel and personal watercraft accidents and incidents. Ten years of marine policing experience in the waterways of New Jersey, including the Hudson and Delaware Rivers. Expereinced in the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle accidents occuring withint roadway construction work zones. Experienced in courtroom testimony, testified in excess of 150 separate court proceedings. Testified in the Superior Courts of New Jersey as a subject matter expert in traffic accident reconstrution. 28 years total police experience, 25 years with the New Jersey State Police. A bonded and insured New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator.

  • Andy Moynahan, PE - Principal Mechanical Engineer

    Andy Moynahan

    Mr. Moynahan is a graduate materials engineer with over 10 years of professional, domestic, and international system design and analysis experience. His safety analysis expertise includes investigation of equipment hazards, elimination of safety defects, and implementation of protection procedures to prevent corrosion and mechanical failure. He has experience in identifying, analyzing, and replacing electrical wiring hazards. Serving as an expert advisor to several analysis boards for the United States Coast Guard, Mr. Moynahan performed legal misconduct and accident investigations for personnel, motor vehicles, merchant vessels, aircraft, and hardware failure incidents.

  • Dr. Hany Nakhla, Ph.D, PE - Senior Mechanical Engineer

    Nany Nakhla

    Dr. Nakhla received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY, M.S. and B.S. in mechanical engineering from Cairo University. He worked as a senior engineer at Adapco, and was an assistant professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Dr. Nakhla has consulted for the automotive, aerospace and energy industries with his expertise in vehicle dynamics, engine design, hybrid systems, thermal management and emissions, aircraft deicing and anti-icing, environmental control, conventional and renewable energy systems. Dr. Nakhla is a licensed PE in North Carolina and member of the SAE, ATMAE and AIAA.

  • John T. Phillips, MSEM, PE - Forensic Mechanical Engineer

    John Phillips

    Mr. Phillips is a Mechanical Engineer with over 8 years of professional engineering experience and an extensive background working in the marine industry with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock and Norfolk Naval Shipyard. He received both is Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Additionally, Mr. Phillips holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Essentials from Regent University. Since graduation, Mr. Phillips has worked on numerous big projects such as the BMW-7series transmission and the George Washington Aircraft Carrier. He is also the Co-Inventor on Patent 8,358,567 "Arrangement for Fueling A Water Vessel".

  • Ken Riddleberger, CFEI, CFII, CVFI – Principal Fire Investigator

    Ken Riddleberger

    After serving in the United States Air Force, Ken Riddleberger began his law enforcement career with the Portsmouth Police Department. He worked as a detective until joining the State of Virginia Arson and Bomb Squad. Ken trained, attended and later instructed in numerous schools pertaining to fire investigation. He then moved into the private sector working for insurance companies and their counsel, corporations and civil and criminal attorneys. Ken has numerous schools of training and over 35 years of experience as a licensed investigator conducting over 7,000 fire investigations. He has testified in local, state, and federal courts as an expert in cause and origin of fire. On a personal note, Ken enjoys time with his family snow skiing and white water rafting enjoying the Virginia beaches and mountains.

  • Greg Rogers, PE, CFEI- Forensic Electrical Engineer & Fire Investigator

    Greg Rogers

    Mr. Rogers is a 1979 graduate of North Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He is also a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and a licensed Electrical Contractor in the State of North Carolina. His professional career includes extensive practical experience in electrical engineering, including instrument and control system design, electrical troubleshooting, and technical management. He is very experience in the evaluation of electrical fire causes including residential and industrial fire cases. He has been called upon to provide technical assistance relating to electrical injuries, lightning damages, and fire causes. Mr. Rogers' experience also includes control system design final approval in the nuclear power industry. His approval encompassed mechanical, civil, as well as electrical designs. He has extensive experience managing large scale electrical restorations on Grand Caymen Island following Hurricane Ivan.

  • Chris Smith, BSCE, MSME, PE, PI - Senior Civil/Structural Engineer

    Christopher S. Smith, P.E., has over sixteen years of experience in civil and structural engineering design. This experience involves the analysis, design and investigation of structures and associated components. These structures also consisted of both concrete and steel typ frames and wood components. His experience also covers expert witness support and investigative review, which has involved more than 600 individual/personal investigations, and assistance on over 1700 investigations (i.e., over 2000 structures). Mr. Smith's expert whiness support experience also involves calculation development and research.

  • Kevin R. Theriault ACTAR, FABFEI, CCI, CFC - Principal Accident Reconstructionist

    Kevin Theriault

    Kevin grew up on a dairy farm where he obtained a lot of his mechanical background. After obtaining his Associates of Science in Law Enforcement, Kevin worked as a patrolman where part of his duties were to investigate motor vehicle collisions. He received his BS in Business Management from Franklin Pierce University. In 1998, he entered the private sector where he continues his specialized training and experience in collision reconstruction. He has testified over 100 times in criminal and civil matters as a forensic consultant / collision reconstructionist in both Federal and State Courts. Kevin has been a Life Fellow Diplomate - ABFE Member for over 15 years and is currently Chair of ACFEI's American Advisory Board of Forensic Examiners; a board member of ACFEI's Education Committee and a board member of ACFEI's American Advisory Board of Certified Criminal Investigators.

  • Herbert Webber, CFI, CFEI, CMI - Principal Fire Investigator

    Herbert Webber

    Mr. Webber is a Certified Fire Investigator, a Certified Marine Investigator and a Private Investigator. He specializes in fire and explosion investigations, marine vessel fires and thefts, vehicle and heavy equipment fires and thefts, background investigations, and SIU investigations. Mr. Webber has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts. He spent 23 years in Law Enforcement in Springfield Massachusetts, with the Springfield Police Department. Retired in 1994, he has since performed services including fire science documentation, scene photography, preservation of evidence, witness interviews, background investigations, and expert testimonies.

  • Emily Will, D-BDFE - Handwriting Expert & Document Examiner

    Emily Will

    Emily J. Will, D-BDFE, has over twenty-six years of experience examining cases from North Carolina and 42 other states, as well as internationally. She has been accepted as an expert witness and testified in state civil and/or criminal courts in eleven states, and in federal court. Ms. Will has also been appointed by state and federal courts. She is a member and President of the Association of Forensic Document Examiners (AFDE) and a member of the National Association of Document Examiners (NADE). Ms. Will serves as Director of the Forensic Specialties Accreditation Bourd (FSAB) since 2008. Her areas of specialty is handwriting identification and document examination.

  • Jeff Williams, CFI - Senior Fire Investigation Specialist

    Jeff Williams

    Educated in both mechanical and electrical engineering, Mr. Williams has worked cases in Alabama, California, Florida, Nevada, Louisiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Guatemala, and the Bahamas full time since 1981. Mr. Williams has trial experience in accident reconstruction, and in fire origin & cause (criminal & civil) in both state and federal courts. Mr. Williams is a certified fire investigator through the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI).

  • Dr. Michael L. Woodhouse - Biomechanical Expert

    Michael Woodhouse

    Over 35 years experience in Rehabilitation and Biomedical fields, specializing in injury mechanics and causation relating to impacts. He has additional expertise in orthopedic and industrial biomechanics and medical records review. Specific expertise in analyzing injuries related to high and low speed motor vehicle impacts, occupational injuries, lifting, pushing, and pulling injury, slip-trip-fall injury, and injuries relating to sports and sports equipment. He also has expertise in research methods and statistical evaluation and has provided expert testimony in courts of law. Dr. Woodhouse has also provided biomechanical opinions in criminal courts on matters pertaining to murder, manslaughter, child & elder abuse, assult, police brutality and traumatic brain injury.

  • Eric Tanis, PE - Principal Forensic Engineer

    Eric Tanis

    Mr. Tanis has 11 years of land development roadway design experience. His experience includes a variety of projects including single family residential subdivisions, equestrian properties, commercial sites, and roadways. He is responsible for engineering design and technical support for site development, drainage design, construction plan preparation and construction observation. Mr. Tanis' duties include civil engineering design, storm water management systems, water distribution and wastewater collection systems for residential and commercial properties, permitting and construction monitoring for public and private projects. In his free time, Mr. Tanis enjoys fishing, softball and spending time with the family.

  • Todd Ford PE - Senior Forensic Mechanical Consultant

    Todd Ford

    Todd Ford has 25 years of experience in Quality and Systems Engineering. Mr. Ford received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and Project Management Masters Certificate from George Washington University. He has successfully served as an engineer in both the public and private sectors. His extensive professional career includes functioning as the subject matter expert for investigations of residential and industrial failures. Mr. Ford’s additional training includes Risk Management, NCIS Counter Intelligence, NAVSEA Litigation, Modeling and Simulation, Technical Writing, Records Management of Classified Documents. Mr. Ford enjoys a round of golf in his spare time.

  • Thomas Baker, PE – Principal Mechanical Engineer

    Thomas Baker is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience in manufacturing, OSHA compliance and training for aerial lifts and forklifts. Mr. Baker has designed and tested manufactured products and investigated many field-failures resulting in property damage or personal injury. Many of these product investigations involve the causation of fires and explosions. Mr. Baker has performed hundreds of fire causation investigations for residential, commercial, marine, and tractor-trailers. Over the past few years, Mr. Baker has served on his local code enforcement boards and has extensive knowledge of applicable building codes and industry standards as they apply to stairs, handrails and slip/fall accidents.

  • Omid Komari, Ph.D - Principal Biomechanical Engineer

    Accomplished, progressive professional and Ph.D. with over eight years of experience conducting expert scientific research in Biomechanical/Mechanical computational design and four years of experience in experimental developments and experimental data analysis. A dedicated scholar with extensive teaching experience and strategic approach to problem-solving. An expert in theoretical and mathematical modeling of cellular and molecular biomechanical characteristics of muscles, as well as an expert in human injuries and accident reconstruction of vehicle collisions.

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