FAEC forensic engineering collage of services

Forensic Engineering Solutions

Whether damage or injury results from structural failure, soil disturbance, machinery failure, or a product defect, FAEC has the engineers and experts you need to establish WHY.

Fire & Explosion

When a fire or explosion occurs, the cause is usually difficult to determine. Our engineers and investigators have decades of experience analyzing all factors to establish WHY a fire or explosion occurred.

Accident Investigations

FAEC investigators are uniquely qualified to determine the cause of any number of incidents, from bicycle injuries to heavy machinery accidents and even trains. Using cutting edge techniques, reconstructions and simulations, we establish WHY.

Marine Accident / Loss Investigations

From personal watercraft to cargo ships, large marinas and oil rigs to pleasure boat docks, our Certified Marine Investigators have the expertise to establish WHY- from a simple slip and fall injury to large scale allision or collision and fire investigations.

Environmental Concerns

FAEC engineers provide professional & efficient services in matters involving industrial accidents, worksite safety, indoor & outdoor air quality, OSHA code compliance, and more. We establish WHY an injury or illness occurred.

Specialized Testing & Support Services

At FAEC, our digital forensic examiners, scientists, lab technicians, and safety experts are here to assist you with any number of scenarios that require specialized support. From forensic lab testing to legal support services and beyond.