Forensic Engineering Specialties

The line blurs between the mechanical world and the biological world when an accident results in bodily injury. Marking the connections between the two fields of engineering and medicine, Forensic Analysis & Engineering can help establish why an injury or fatality occurred when an accident involves biomechanical analysis.

Environmental Concerns

When a worker gets hurt onsite or due to latent effects of onsite exposure, it is imperative to take remedial action and address the problem as quickly as possible. Forensic Analysis & Engineering's engineers provide professional and efficient services to the insurance, legal and industrial sectors, as wall as private individuals, in matters involving industrial accidents, investigations or worksite plant safety - we are experts at establishing why.

Fire & Explosion Investigation

When a fire or explosion occurs, evidence is often partially or completely consumed, making the cause especially difficult to accuratelydetermine. Forensic Analysis & Engineering’s highly qualified engineers and fire experts have years of experience with natural, accidental, and incendiary fire investigations and will apply their skills and cutting-edge techniques to collect and analyze all factorsat the scene and establish why a fire or explosion occurred. Forensic Analysis & Engineering’s team closely adhere to industry standards in the investigative process and examination of fire scenes in order to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive report possible.

Marine Analysis and Forensic Engineering

In response to any injury of passengers or crew on cruise ships and passenger ferries, Forensic Analysis & Engineering's marine experts can establish why the accident occurred and how to prevent such occurrences in the future. FAEC has the professional and certified marine investigators needed in order to be able to perform large scale examinations of cruise ships, cargo vessels or passenger ferries.

Storm & Catastrophic Events

With a dedicated catastrophe response team supported by an extensive network of contact points across the nation, Forensic Analysis & Engineering is distinctively qualified, equipped and prepared to meet the constraints of demanding schedules and challenging conditions.

Specialized Testing / Support Services

Forensic Analysis & Engineering has a team of digital forensic examiners on staff to assist in any computerized forensic examination. Our certified digital forensic examiners are able to assist in the preservation, identification, extraction, interpretation, or documentation of any computer evidence.

Accident Investigations and Analysis

When an accident of any kind occurs, a rapid response and accurate investigation is crucial. Forensic Analysis & Engineering has years of experience automotive accidents, establishing causes, reconstructing the scene and providing unbiased facts.