Civil / Geotechnical Damage Assessments

The engineers at Forensic Analysis & Engineering possess unrivaled experience in the analysis of physical civil and geotechnical claims and failures, establishing the root causation of the condition.

Establishing Why a Disturbance Happened

Our experts have decades of experience and use state-of-the-art equipment in conducting field investigations and can investigate subsurface conditions and soil composition to establish why a disturbance happened.

Engineering Evaluations

FAEC’s forensic engineers’ experience includes performing evaluations of soil stability to assess risk conditions at active sink holes of subsurface geotechnical faults.

Lab Services: Geotechnical Sampling and Testing

FAEC can provide comprehensive reports of geotechnical sampling and testing. Our lab results will help you make crucial decisions on how to remediate a loss.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Plumbing System Failure
  • Material Failure
  • Design Failure
  • Repair Recommendations
civil and geotechnical services

Structural Defects / Construction Damage Claims

Structural Engineering Expertise

Forensic Analysis & Engineering’s highly qualified structural engineers can determine if structures and buildings are constructed properly so that contractors, employees and clients remain safe.

Detailed Inspections of Structural Failures

Our professional engineers perform detailed inspections of residential, commercial or industrial buildings, investigating structural failures in roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.Our team can provide finite element analysis, stress analysis, and failure analysis.

Unbiased, Comprehensive Report Results

Whether it’s a major infrastructure disaster, or a simple support crack, you will be provided with unbiased, comprehensive reporting and clear photographic documentation establishing the critical facts and factors contributing to each failure, including repair and remediation recommendations to prevent future failures, enabling you to settle your case quickly and accurately.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Foundation & Materials Failures
  • Structural Overloading
  • Building Envelope Failures
  • Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Repair Cost Estimates & Recommendations
structural defects

Product Defect Analysis

Establishing Why Defects Occur

Forensic Analysis & Engineering understands the critical importance of preventing defective products from reaching end-users. Our professionals will establish why defects occurred in either the material, processing, handling, packing, storing or shipment through sequential testing with precise evaluations.

Defective Product Preventive Evaluations and Recommendations

FAEC’s experts will analyze the mechanical system or industrial machinery thoroughly in order to prevent the production of a defective product. Our engineers will define the best corrective actions and will work with the manufacturer to remedy identified defects.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Product Liability
product defects

Electrical / Electronic Product & System Failures

Qualified Experts

Forensic Analysis & Engineering’s team of professional engineers and court qualified experts work together to provide professional, cost-effective services to the insurance, legal, and private industry sectors in all matters relating to claims for loss or personal injury involving electrical engineering, electronics, or general electrical components.

Cause and Failure Determinations

Our engineers specialize in evaluating and determining the causation of faults in the design and application of circuitry and equipment for machine control, communications, power generation, and distribution to determine the cause and manner of failures. We also evaluate and determine causes to damaged electrical systems, components and appliances.

Establishing Why an Electrical Failure Occurred

A thorough investigation is critical in the event of personnel injuries or equipment damage. Our team is dedicated to establishing why an electrical failure occurred and providing you with a full and comprehensive report. We can reconstruct accidents and evaluate defective appliances to assist in preventing future failures.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Grounding & Lightning Protection
  • Electrical Accident Reconstruction
  • Circuit Board & Relay System Failure
  • Appliance Defect Evaluations
electrical failure

Material / Metallurgical Analysis

Establishing Why Failures Occur

Forensic Analysis & Engineering has well qualified metallurgical analysts and chemists available to assist in cases of material failure. Our analysts will establish why failures occur.

Comprehensive Material and Metal Tests

We can perform material impact, hardness, tensile and other comprehensive tests of various types of material and metals. Our analysts will determine compliance of materials or metals with applicable standards and specifications. We have extensive experience with material / metallurgical testing methodology as well as the interpretation of the results. The testing we perform may be part of a quality assurance program, manufacturing engineering program, failure analysis or for materials research and development.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Metallurgical Defects
  • Cathodic Protection System Failures
  • Corrosions
  • Coating Failures
  • Paint Comparisons
  • Material Non-Performance
  • Material Handling
material analysis

Mechanical Analysis / Industrial Machinery Failure

Establishing Why Mechanical Failures Occur

Forensic Analysis & Engineering's mechanical engineers have frequently proven their qualifications to determine the cause of failure in components ranging in size, scope and complexity. Examples include:

  • Power generating steam boilers
  • Earth movers
  • Residential HVAC systems
  • LPG grills
  • Complex industrial machinery

Any time a mechanical system malfunctions, there are often a variety of causes. Our engineers establish why the failure occurred, in a minimum of time and expense to our client.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Control Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Auto, Truck, Motorcycle Accidents
  • Construction Equipment Accidents
engineering mechanical analysis

Safety Human Factors

Safety Evaluations and Recommendations

Despite the emphasis on safety in the workplace, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) issues over 40,000 citations in a typical year. Forensic Analysis & Engineering can evaluate various environments to determine if there are any hazards or unsafe practices that could ultimately harm employees and work flow.

Establishing Why Hazards Occur and Preventing Future Incidents

In order to prevent accidents, minimize opportunities for human errors, and the lost productivity that follows, Forensic Analysis & Engineering's experienced safety professionals will establish the causes behind hazards or unsafe practices, including providing recommendations for procedure changes or updates. As preventative measures are identified, products and systems will also be evaluated to lessen the risk of injury or loss.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Safety Engineering
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Injury Causation and Verification
safety inspections and analysis

Biomechanical Analysis

Establishing Why Injury or Fatality Occurred using Biomechanical Analysis

The line blurs between the mechanical world and the biological world when an accident results in bodily injury. Forensic Analysis & Engineering experts make the connections between the two fields of engineering and medicine establishing why an injury or fatality occurred when an accident involves biomechanical analysis.

Our expertise in the areas of structural analysis, continuum mechanics, mechanism analysis, kinematics and dynamics help determine the cause of the injuries in relation to the accident. Engineers at FAEC can accurately reconstruct the accident to gain insight into impact severity and other factors. Our cases span from vehicular accidents to commercial factory workplace injuries.

FAEC performs biochemical forensic analysis

Biomedical - Equipment / Prosthetic Device Failures

Establishing Why a Biomedical Product Failure Occurred

While defective products can negatively impact personnel, production and the environment, a defective biomedical product can cause bodily injury and fatalities.

The forensic scientists at Forensic Analysis & Engineering are experts at evaluating biomedical products and establishing the root cause of why a failure occurred. Doing so helps to prevent similar claims and injuries from occurring.

Our professionals have the expertise of applying engineering principles to biomedical devices.

Our forensic engineers and scientists collectively have hundreds of years of proven experience in performing evaluations of, and tests on, different biomedical equipment and prosthetic devices. The design, manufacture, installation and use of the product are specifically analyzed to determine if the highest standards of safety were both incorporated into the design and manufacture of the device.

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  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Material Engineering
biomedical equipment