Cruise Ship / Passenger Ferry Operational Issues

In response to any injury of passengers or crew on cruise ships and passenger ferries, Forensic Analysis & Engineering's marine experts can establish why the accident occurred and how to prevent such occurrences in the future. FAEC has the professional and certified marine investigators needed in order to be able to perform large scale examinations of cruise ships, cargo vessels or passenger ferries.

Our certified marine investigators are tried and true professionals who respond coast to coast and around the world, serving where needed in remote locations and metropolitan areas. FAEC provides expert marine investigation services for any operational issue, human error, or mechanical/electrical component failure. We will work with our clients every step of the way, including offering risk assessment and remediation analyses to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Marine Loss Analysis
  • Marine Accident Investigation
  • Operator Error Determination
  • Hull, Deck and Rigging Failures
  • Crewman, Longshoreman and Stevedore Injuries
  • ABS, SBYC, USCG Code and Regulation Compliance
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Recreational Pleasure Boats

Accidents involving small and privately-owned pleasure crafts are fundamentally different from accidents involving motor vehicles. At Forensic Analysis & Engineering our Certified Marine Investigators will provided the experience and dedicated attention necessary for the reconstruction and investigation addressing the three dimensional nature of marine accidents. These unique factors include ramping, overriding, vaulting, downward forces, and many other characteristics unique to the maritime environment. Forensic Analysis & Engineering will assist you in any marine accident case involving all types of recreational boats - from small personal watercrafts and sailboats to multi-million-dollar yachts and entire marinas!

Related Proficiencies:

  • Marine Loss Analysis
  • Personal Watercraft Injuries
  • Operator Error Determination
  • Shipboard Fire and Explosion
  • Boat/ PWC / Marina Design Evaluation
recreational pleasure boats
Commercial Ships

Over the past 10 years, nearly 90% of marine accidents have involved commercial ships. This translates to billions of dollars in unnecessary costs, as well as crew member injuries and avoidable loss of life. Commercial ship accidents require the careful analysis, clear and precise reporting, and expert experience that Forensic Analysis & Engineering can provide. Our multi-disciplinary team of certified marine investigators produce accurate reconstructions of any marine incident, providing thorough insight into all factors and conditions leading to an incident, and the manner in which these conditions ultimately result in damage, injury, or loss of life. Using in-depth knowledge of physics, hydraulics, ocean conditions and ship response behavior, FAEC will answer the question of why a commercial ship accident occurred and also design effective preventative measures to mitigate and avoid similar occurrences in future.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Marine Loss Analysis
  • Operator Error Determination
  • Hull, Deck, and Rigging Failures
  • Container and Bulk Cargo Vessel Accidents
  • Shipboard Fire and Explosion
  • Commercial Vessel Operational Safety Issues
  • Fuel System Defect Analysis
Off-shore / Inland Marine / Maritime Safety

Forensic Analysis & Engineering provides integrity assessment and risk management services for both onshore and offshore marine facilities. FAEC's staff of highly qualified structural engineers offer assessment and inspection services for existing structures including floating and fixed piers, small recreational and large commercial docks, and offshore structures and facilities, ensuring the safety and security of all users and visitors. Our experts will also assess damage, establish root cause and specific mechanism for any structural failures, including identifying methods to prevent such failures in the future. Our engineers have years of experience working together with oil & gas owners and operators in the maritime industry. Our multi-disciplinary firm is able to provide a complete assessment of each situation from all angles to ensure optimal efficiency.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Pipeline Ruptures
  • Rigging Failures
  • Offshore Platform Failures, Fires and Explosions Crew Injuries
USCG Code Compliance / ABYC & NFPA Standards

With extensive knowledge of the required codes and regulations, Forensic Analysis & Engineering offers petrochemical compliance assessments and audits. Our team of experts will perform inspections and ensure operations meet the U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) standards, United States Coast Guard (USCG) code compliance, and American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. In order to prevent accidents, and minimize opportunities for human errors, FAEC will also identify preventative measures and evaluate products and systems to lessen the risk of injury or loss.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Marine Accident Investigations
  • Boat / PWC / Marina Design Evaluations
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