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It’s that time of year when ghosts and goblins come out to play and you have children knocking on your door in their spookiest costumes. Perhaps you are starting to believe you have ghosts lurking in your home. Erie sounds, chilling breezes, and flickering lights can all make you think you have an uninvited supernatural guest.

Fortunately your home may have common problems that resemble paranormal activity.

  • Do your floors creak in the night? Over time homes settle, and may result in creaking sounds in the floors and walls. Additionally, homes expand and contract when temperatures fluctuate. This fluctuation in temperature can result in doors and windows sticking in the summertime, along with creaking sounds year round.
  • Are spirits lurking in the attic? Maybe your unwelcome guests are more furry than ghostly. As the temperature turns cold animals such as mice look for warmer places to live. Your best option is to hire an expert to look for infiltration points. Mice can fit through crevices as small as 1/4in wide making access points hard to find.
  • Do you have chilling drafts throughout your home? Don’t jump to supernatural conclusions. There are many structural reasons you are feeling these drafts. The first step is to check your home for cracks around doors and windows. Cracked caulking around windows and worn stripping around doors can create cold drafts.
  • Perhaps your lights are flickering uncontrollably. Light typically flicker when a large appliance such as central air or a furnace turns on. These appliances use a great deal of power which can draw electricity from other sources, such as light bulbs. If the lights continue to flicker without other large appliances and after the bulbs have been replaced, there could be a more serious problem that needs to be investigated by an expert.

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