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As the holidays approach more and more people will take to the road to visit friends and family. It is at this time we must remain alert, aware of our surroundings, and keep our loved ones safe. But sometimes no matter how safely you may be driving, collisions can occur due to the unpredictable actions of those around you, cellular texting, unforeseen mechanical failures, or other unavoidable road hazards.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics almost half of all traffic crashes are caused by impaired driving, including both legal and illegal substances. Driver error accounts for 25%-33% of all crashes. This includes aggressive driving, failing to take evasive action, distracted driving, falling asleep, and inexperienced driving to name a few. Weather and mechanical failure are the final two culprits causing vehicle crashes. So how do you prove the collision wasn’t your fault?

Often times it is not easy to determine the causation of the collision. Eyewitness accounts, if any, can lack details and are often biasedly skewed. Clean-up processes happen almost immediately to clear the roadway and precious evidence is lost. To examine and identify how collisions occur, a professional Accident Reconstructionist is called in to thoroughly investigate the crash scene and each of the vehicles. Additionally they perform speed and time-distance calculations and assess the approach, impact, and departure angles. These specialists use the collected evidence including image crash data from air bag modules and commercial vehicle Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) and Vehicle Control Units (VCUs) to recreate the scene and establish how the collision occurred. Based on that information they can then determine the exact causation.

Forensic Analysis & Engineering has leading Vehicular Accident Reconstructionists who can travel to any investigation site, examine the vehicles involved, and “Establish Why” the accident occurred. Our expert consultants can also provide professional technical support and expert witness services throughout the duration of the litigation process. To learn more or to submit an investigation, please visit our website at