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Company Overview

Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corporation (FAEC) is much more than an engineering firm. Our team of professional forensic engineers, experienced scientists, and specialized experts provide a broad range of forensic services for a diverse, worldwide client base. Since 1966, we have solved thousands of puzzling questions and helped settle billions of dollars in claims and personal losses- from fire & explosions, accident reconstructions, storm & catastrophic events, to a wide array of marine losses. FAEC has a well-founded reputation for providing defendable, court-approved analyses which convincingly define why an event occurred. Our proven process will save you time and overall case expense. FAEC’s rapid response team is ready 24/7 to support your file effort by getting the answers you need – when you need them!

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The Forensic Analysis Advantage

Our engineering firm consists of highly trained, professional and certified investigators. Have full confidence in our unbiased and verifiable results.

Save time & money by utilizing a firm with a single point of contact. At FAEC, we pride ourselves in being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your forensic engineering and investigative needs.

FAEC is customer-centric firm. We are focused on helping you every step in the investigation process. We provide comprehensive reporting with full-color pictures in order for you to fully understand the situation from every angle. We establish WHY.

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