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 Storm & Catastrophic Events Services

Catastrophic Claim Support – Rapid Response Service

Rapid Response Catastrophe Response Team

With a dedicated Catastrophe Response Team supported by an extensive network of contact points across the nation, FAEC is distinctively qualified to meet the constraints of demanding schedules and challenging conditions.

Establishing Why Damage Occurred

On-call 24/7, our Catastrophe Response Team provides a rapid response in assessing damage from an earthquake, tidal surge/flood, hurricane, tornado, hailstorm, fire/wildfire, or other disaster. From structural evaluations to clearance testing, we establish why and how damage occurred.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Scene Coordination
  • Document Management
  • Site Control
  • Interested Parties Control
  • Hazardous / Large Evidence Collection & Storage
claim support

Storm Damage Analysis & Causation Determination

Storm Damage Analysis

From forceful winds and lightning to strong hail, ice, snow, or flooding damage, storms of all types can inflict substantial damage to properties and their electrical and mechanical systems. Our professional engineers, upon detecting any imminent dangers, such as leaning trees or compromised retaining walls, will rapidly inform the insured. In certain cases, Forensic Analysis & Engineering consults with forensic meteorologists to deduce storm patterns to establish why. Our experts have years of experience and have performed storm damage analysis in countless cases. Our structural engineers will work with you to determine and verify any property damage relevant to storms or other causes.

Related Proficiencies:

  • Electrical System Damage
  • Mechanical Equipment Damage
  • Structural / Foundation Damage
  • Retaining Wall Damage
  • Scene Safety
  • Repair Recommendations
damage analysis
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