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slip iceEstablishing “Why” Since 1966

You are probably aware that slip and fall incidents are a major cause for lost work days. But did you know that slip and fall accidents account for 65% of lost work days, and 70% of those incidents occurred on flat surfaces? Additionally, workman’s compensation and medical bills from slip and fall incidents cost $70 million annually.

In fact, every day about 25,000 people slip and fall on any given day. These accidents can lead to costly litigation.

The average cost of a slip and fall litigation is $50,000. Plaintiff’s win about 51% of premises liability claims so it is impossible to predict who will win in a court of law. Many factors determine how and why the fall happened. In order to solve these cases, liability needs to be proven and the possibility of negligence needs to be examined. In some cases the defendant acted reasonably and carelessness of the plaintiff was a factor. In other cases the defendant was aware of the hazardous condition and failed to correct the issue while the plaintiff had no warning of the hazard. In order to find answers, attorneys often turn to the experts to prove their case.

Forensic Analysis & Engineering has consultants who have provided expert witness services in slip and fall litigation processes. Our professional staff can provide you with the facts and insights necessary for you to fully assess your case and potential outcomes and “Establish Why” the incident occurred. To learn more or to submit an investigation, please visit our website at www.Forensic-Analysis.com.

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